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Re: [Help-mcsim] Emacs info again?

From: Bill Harris
Subject: Re: [Help-mcsim] Emacs info again?
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2018 08:19:27 -0700

tl;dr: I can create the info file, and it works, but install-info fails, and I think I found the issue.  In addition, xmcsim doesn't seem to get installed, and there eis no examples dir  in /usr/local/share/mcsim (but that may be correct).

Step 1: Yes, *info* is in /usr/share/info.

Step 2: I thought my mcsim/doc directory would be in /usr/local/share/, but that only contains mod and sim.  I  searched to see if it could be elsewhere, but it isn't:

/usr$ find . -name mcsim* -print

Is that a problem?  I had thought I might have directory entries there for doc, examples, and perhaps even xmcsim.

I still have the directory in my home directory where I built it, and I did run makeinfo mcsim.texi  yesterday in that doc directory.  Since the argument to makeinfo appears to be the input file and my doc directory contains mcsim.texi, I figured that was correct.  It created a file in that same directory.  I think that worked, because I can run `info mcsim` in that directory and get what looks like a valid info session.

Step 3: I did not know or at least remember the install-info command.  I should have tried the C-u C-h i trick, though; info works from there, too.

Running that command failed:

/usr/share/info# install-info .
install-info: .: empty file

Reading made it sound like the file needed @dircategory and @direntry, but I don't see them in the file.  Is that perhaps the issue?

One more issue: While I haven't used xmcsim much in the past, I tried it, and it doesn't seem to work:

/usr$ find . -name xmcsim -print
$ xmcsim
bash: xmcsim: command not found

FYI, and thanks for your quick reply.  I /think/ I did the install according to the instructions, but feel free to point out mistakes I may have made.


On Sun, Mar 25, 2018 at 12:35 AM, fredomatic <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Bill,
I will look into why it's still not done automatically. For now you can
do a few things:
- find where your info directory is (in emacs do "C-h i" and then
  "C-x C-f", that should do). Typically that is /usr/share/info.
- Then in your mcsim/doc directory do "makeinfo mcsim.texinfo" if you
  have not done it already
- Then "sudo install-info /usr/share/info/dir" (the dir file
  in your info directory.

That will make a permanent link to the file in the info dir
file. Now whenever you type "info mcsim" that should bring you there, or
if you type just "info" mcsim will appear in the GNU Packages section.

Rather than leaving in mcsim/doc you may want to sudo copy it
to the info directory and do sudo install-info in that directory.

For emacs: I'm not using info from there, so I'm not the best adviser,
but if you do "C-u C-h i" it will ask you which info file to read. If
you are already in info (C-h i) it will propose the system info
directory. So if you have copied there that would be quick.
There is also a couple of emacs variables you can set to find it more

Best regards


On 24/03/2018 17:59, Bill Harris wrote:
> Fifteen months ago, I got help here installing Emacs info for MCSim
> 5.6.5
> ( 
> Now I'm curious about the same question for 6.0.0 on Debian 9.
> As root, I ran makeinfo mcsim.texi in my local copy of the doc directory
> (~/bin/mcsim-6.0.0/doc/), and it produced a
> <> file in that directory.  I cd'd up one level and ran
> make install.  Even after restarting *info*, I see no mcsim entry, and
> /usr/local/share/mcsim only has mod and sim directories.
> Is there somewhere else I should look?  Is there something else I should
> do?  I have a vague recollection from the past that it just used to
> work, so I'm reluctant to start moving files and editing *info* indices
> manually unless someone convinces me that's the right way to go.
> BTW, 6.0.0 looks like a major advance over 5.6; thanks!
> Bill
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