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[Help-nano] nano 2.2.0, trivial bugs & thoughts

From: gibboris
Subject: [Help-nano] nano 2.2.0, trivial bugs & thoughts
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 14:25:11 +0100
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first thanks for nano and happy birthday :)
I just switched to 2.2.0 but noticed the followings :

/usr/share/nano/makefile.nanorc (line 6) :
bad regexp « \$+[{(][a-Z0-9_-]+[})] » : invalid range end

Typo in section "KEY BINDINGS" in the html page :
M- followed by a prinable character
M- followed by a printable character

I also think bind doc should be part of man 5 nanorc.
I only discovered today the 'bind' ability !

The last two missing things to me are DO_DELETE_WORD and DO_BACKSPACE_WORD.

Keep up the good work


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