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[Help-nano] Bash syntax highlighting: Quoted text in comments

From: Michael Siegel
Subject: [Help-nano] Bash syntax highlighting: Quoted text in comments
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2018 04:29:13 +0100
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I've found that nano has kind of an annoying way of highlighting quoted
text within comments in Bash scripts.

While the comments themselves are colored in cyan, quoted text within
them will be given the standard string color, which is bright yellow.

For example, try this:


  # Let's see if this won't happen.

What you'll get is "# Let" in cyan, "'s see if this won'" in yellow and
the rest in cyan again.

I suppose this is a known issue. Maybe it has already been fixed in
versions newer than the one I'm using (2.7.4). If not, what's the
problem and is someone trying to fix it?



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