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linking with ieee library

From: Craig Earls <Craig P. Earls
Subject: linking with ieee library
Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 20:44:19 -0400

James Ryan writes:
 >      Also, there is a nice fix for fsolve on the mailing list.  It
 >      allows constants to be sent to the function.  Is there a site
 >      that I can download this from and and not in a text
 >      message?

In what format do you want fsolve? It is attached as a gzip.


John Eaton has not included it in the final distribution yet, so it
will only work if you have dynamic loading, or if you compile it
in. It is only a single source file, so really allyou have to do is
strip off the mail header and type mkoctfile. Let me know if you have
problems with it, I wrote it.

Craig P Earls                           address@hidden
LT US Navy, MIT Ocean Engineering       address@hidden

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