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segmentation fault: OCTAVE

From: Francis Benyah
Subject: segmentation fault: OCTAVE
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 06:59:26 +0800 (WST)

  Dear Sir,
  For the first time since I installed OCTAVE-2.0.9 on my
  PC Linux, I am getting the following error messages:
  error: Segmentation fault -- stopping myself ....
  error: attempted clean up apparently failed --- aborting...
  IOT  trap/Abort    (core dumped).

  The only change I have made on my system is upgrading from  to

  I am not sure whether this has anything to do with error messages
  i have been getting.

  Since then I have compiled and installed octave-2.0.11.  
  I am still getting the same error messages.

  I desperately need some help.

  Thanking you in advance.

  Francis Benyah

  Francis Benyah
Francis Benyah _________________    mailto:address@hidden
Department of Mathematics ___                  Tel: +61-8 9380 3373
The University of Western Australia            Fax: +61-8 9380 1028

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