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RE: HELP: plotting under windows NT

From: Lance McBride
Subject: RE: HELP: plotting under windows NT
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 17:33:57 -0700

> Mumit's patch for gnuplot allows it to read commands from the standard
> input if it is invoked with the command-line option `-stdin'.  His
> README file suggests using a shell script, but I think it is
> sufficient to set Octave's built-in variable gnuplot_binary to
> "gnuplot -stdin" (or "wgnupl32 -stdin", if you installed your gnuplot
> binary with that name instead of gnuplot).

OK.  I've found the list of built-in variables, but I'm still somewhat
confused.  Are these variables hardcoded into the binary executable, or is
there some initialization (ini) file that I can modify?  If they're
hardcoded into the binary, I need to recompile the binary from the original

Thanks again,
Lance McBride
Electrical Engineer
Optivus Technology, Inc.
(909) 799-8300

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