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Octave with Windows95/98/NT + Cygwin + emacs.

From: Pierre Roux
Subject: Octave with Windows95/98/NT + Cygwin + emacs.
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 20:33:58 +0200

Is anybody using Octave with the above environment (Windows95/98/NT + Cygwin
+ emacs) ?

I have got Cygwin running from the Cygwin bash shell, but I am not able to
use it from Emacs with Octave mode (I get the "Spawning child process:
invalid argument" error message whenever I invoke run-octave).

My config is the following:
    Windows 98
    Cygwin: B19.1
    Emacs: 20.3.1

If your config is close, then I really am interrested by your _emacs file
(or extracts relative to cygwin and octave).

    Pierre Roux

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