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complex integral or multiple integral

From: Shih Lin
Subject: complex integral or multiple integral
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 21:33:26 AKST

Dear Dirk Laurie or any octave expert:

In your help-octave mailing list 5 May, 1998, you talk about compexx integral in octave,

 I am interesting inverse fourier transform, with v(f)*exp(i*2*pi*f)
but before go that far, I tried at octave 2.0.13

using int( I assume it is integral, but I probably is wrong) and Cin
you write in that mainling list achieve.

both are not working


I get error:

x is undfined
expression     near line 1 , colume 9
argument list
index expression

so do you know what is integrate in octave?  Is that quad
I also tried quad(sin(x), 0, 3*pi) intend to integral from 0 to 3*pi
get error too
similar errors prompt

in the mailing list Wed Nov 5, 1997 help-octave
John W. Eaton to Joe Reinhardt
there is a website store information about multiple integration
I tried but not connect  I tried thice.

looking for help

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