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win95 build

From: Douglas Steele
Subject: win95 build
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 20:10:59 +0000


win95b, cygnus b20 with/without Mumit Khan's fixes, also tried ecgs.

./configure works fine

make fails after some time, varies according to which version of
installation, eg egcs fails at /liboctave/

In all cases failure due to generation of a General Protection Fault.
Error message gives Make as source of error.  Have tried two different
versions of make without success.

I see in cygnus 1.0 faq, cygnus not recommended for Win 95 because
freeze after average of 1/2 hour (which is probably about how far into
build I tend to get).

1) could this be cygnus/win95 bug, or anything I could fix ?
2) I suppose djgpp wouldn't work ?

Thanks for any help

Douglas Steele

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