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gplot with linewidth/pointsize args

From: Daniel Kottow
Subject: gplot with linewidth/pointsize args
Date: Wed, 03 May 2000 17:02:22 +0200

i would like to control the plot  attributes for lines and points
individually for each plot function call. in gnuplot this is documented
and works using, e.g:
plot 'mydata.file' with points pointtype 2 pointsize 6
unfortunately, something like under octave
load 'mydata.file'
gplot mydata with points pointtype 2 pointsize 6

parse error:
>>> gplot mydata with points pointtype 2 pointsize 6

my specific question is: wether this is possible under octave, and more
generally, does octave support a (maybe awkward) syntax that assures
full access to gnuplot syntax ? 
(maybe suppressing its own parser on the gplot command string except for
the data variable)
greetings, daniel

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