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Problem with "gset term gif" and "plot"

From: fermin
Subject: Problem with "gset term gif" and "plot"
Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 12:19:53 +0100

Hello Everybody.

Greetings from Canary Islands (Spain)

Im starting to use OCTAVE, and i have a problem.

Im trying to display a graphic with several values. When i use the "gset
term gif" option, i get only the first value graphic. For example using
"plot (t,x,t,z)"  I obtain the "tx" graphic only.

If I dont use the "gset term gif" option in my program, and load the .M
file in OCTAVE i get the correct result (This is tx and tz values

I dont know what to do to correct this problem,

Somebody can help me?

Thank you very much.

Fermin Suarez
Las Palmas de GC

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