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Re: octave install on mandrake 7

From: Robin M. Braun
Subject: Re: octave install on mandrake 7
Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 09:54:04 +1000

Hi Benjamin

I am interested in your name. I knew a Ben Franks way back when I was growing 
up in Cape Town. We have now been living in Sydney, Australia for about 2 years.

As to the problem with octave on Mandrake. I assume that mandrake must have 
updated one of their dynamically loaded libraries, which causes the problem 
with a binary compiled against another library. Similar to the problem with
a .dll under windows that has the incorrect sysmbol table. (The difference is 
that windows crashes in cases like that.) So I reckoned that I would recompile 
it myself. Then I'd know that the libraries were correct. The following

1) I downloaded the lates .tar.gz (version 2.0.16)
2) I untarred it and ran ./configure on it.
3) ./configure was happy and said that the compile would work successfully.
4) It didn't. It bombed out with some missing file messages.
5) I then checked that all the header and development packages were loaded. 
(With help from Al Golstein.) They weren't. It seems that mandrake was not 
loading some of them on install, as I was expecting it to do. I think I had
to load libstdc++.
6) All worked fine after that, including octave.
7) Remember to remove config.cache and run ./configure again. Otherwise the 
compile process chockes again at the same place. (./configure recreates the 
Makefiles, which contain the compiler directives about which libraries to

I hope this helps,

Rob (Braun)

Benjamin Franks wrote:

> Rob,
> I noticed a couple of message threads you had submitted to the help-octave 
> mailing list.  I'm having a similar problem installing octave on linux 
> mandrake 7.0 and wondered if you could help.
>  I'm using the binary distribution 2.0.14-1.i386.  I'm not getting any errors 
> when I install with rpm, rpmdrake, etc..  but when I try to run octave, I'm 
> getting an error "in loading shared libraries...undefined symbol..etc".
> In one of your messages you had mentioned something about having to install 
> extra libraries...? Does this error sound familiar?  If so, what was the fix.
> I'd appreciate any help you could provide.
> Thanks,
> Benjamin Franks
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