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RE: cd problems

From: Julian DeMarchi
Subject: RE: cd problems
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 13:42:40 -0500

2.1.36, the octave+forge release from Agustin Barto:

echo $SHELL returns nothing (except help on the echo function).

The desktop shortcut refers to 

"C:\Program Files\GNU Octave 2.1.36\bin\run.exe" rxvt.exe --keysym.0xFF50 '^a' 
--keysym.0xFF57 '^e' --keysym.0xFFFF '^f^h' -fn "Lucida Console-12" -tn linux 
-title "GNU Octave 2.1.36" -geometry 80x25 -sl 400 -sr -e /bin/"

So I guess the "shell" here is different (run.exe?).

Good question.  Agustin?

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From: Luke Scharf [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2003 1:38 PM
To: Julian DeMarchi
Cc: Bart Benthul; address@hidden
Subject: RE: cd problems

On Wed, 2003-04-02 at 13:03, Julian DeMarchi wrote:
> |> On the topic you raise, though, watch out for backslashes native to
> |> Windows.  For example (for reasons I do not know), if you were to type
> |> 
> |>    cd \
> |> 
> |
> |If you type "cd \" and press enter twice, you will execute the
> |command "cd" with no arguments and return to a normal prompt.
> Hmm.  I hit Enter several times without success.  ^c, ^d, and ^z also 
> didn't work.

It works both on my cygwin machine and on my Linux machine.  What shell
are you running?  Both of the machines I tried this on are using bash.

The command "echo $SHELL" will tell you what shell you're running.


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