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Re: Cannot draw figures in Mac OS X

From: A S Hodel
Subject: Re: Cannot draw figures in Mac OS X
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 08:33:34 -0600

On Wednesday, February 18, 2004, at 08:42  PM, Henri Mollet wrote:

When I first started using Octave about 1 year ago, I
was told that AquaTerm was all that I needed (was much
smaller in size and "native" and indeed seems to be
all that I need, and at that time X11 was not readily
available). Then Mac OS X 10.3 comes with X11 and
apparently AquaTerm is no longer included and the
default shell is bash instead of tcsh. I'm close to
saying that if you want to use Octave *and
Octave-forge*, don't use a Mac.

I've been using octave on a mac for 6 years or more now.
I'm currently running Octave on both G3 and G4 machines, some
running Jaguar (10.2.x) and one running Panther (10.3.x).
The basic machine configurations are:

- fink install of octave, Xfree-86, gnuplot, and Aquaterm

- Apple X11
- fink install of octave, gnuplot, and Aquaterm -or-
- CVS install of octave (requires a couple tweaks),
   fink install of gnuplot and aquaterm.

I'm able to use both Aquaterm and gnuplot on both OS's; my
preference (due habits acquired due to using octave to mac OS X ) is

I've not tried to install octave without gnuplot/X11. That may be a part
of the problem (others will have to speak to that).

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Octave's home on the web:
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