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DEMOcontrol and bodeplots

From: Hugo Coolens
Subject: DEMOcontrol and bodeplots
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 15:07:08 +0100 (CET)

I'm trying out Octave 2.1.53 on a Quantian Live Linux CD.

Things are going quite wrong when I do the following:
[1] System Representation
[2] Initialize a system
[2] Transfer function form
[1] Continuous time initialization
Command: num = [5,-1]
Command: denom =[1,-2, 6]
Command: sys = tf2sys(num,denom);
Press a key to execute command  executing
warning: in /usr/share/octave/2.1.53/m/control/system/__sysdefioname__.m near 
line 47, column 10:
warning: list objects are deprecated; use cell arrays instead
panic: Segmentation fault -- stopping myself...
attempting to save variables to `octave-core'...
save to `octave-core' complete
Segmentation fault

I also have a version 2.1.35 installed on Debian Woody, this works a
little better but doing the following also goes completely wrong:
octave:2> sys=tf2sys([3 1],[1 3 1]);
octave:3> bode(sys)
error: logspace: arguments must be scalars
error: evaluating if command near line 71, column 5
error: evaluating if command near line 68, column 3
error: called from `logspace' in file
error: called from `__bodquist__' in file
error: called from `bode' in file

Does anybody here on the list how to solve these problems?

Hugo Coolens

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