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about simulation...

From: andres felipe rendon
Subject: about simulation...
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 10:00:15 -0600

Hello! My name is Andrés Rendón and I have started using GNU Octave a few days ago. I have three main questions and I hope you can help me with them.
First question: whenever I use some commands, e.g. 'step' or 'rlocus' my PC is freezed for a while and it won't work again until the computation is done; is there any chance to make some changes in the configuration in order to avoid this? (I installed it in an old Pentium 3 550MHz with 218M RAM).
The second and third questions concern more the control theory. I wanted to have a system controlled by a simple PID, and I had a perturbation in the plant input. How can I have a PID system? (of course I couldn't introduce it as a regular system because the numerator order is higher than that of the denominator), what I did was to multiply both plant and controller numerators and denominators and then use the feedback command, and it did work as a single system and I had the response I wanted according to the PID; the matter is that I don't know how can I introduce the perturbance in the system.
I think GNU is a very good option but we need to spread it among other students and profesionals. In my case, I'm the only one in the university working with it (others prefer Matlab and they are happy enough with it) because a proffessor told me about it and I did think it could be a good idea to see other options. That's why I hope you can help me with this little problems, so I can get to know more about the software. Thanks for your time and collaboration.
Andrés Rendón

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