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Re: [Octave] suggestion?

From: Shai Ayal
Subject: Re: [Octave] suggestion?
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 11:49:06 +0200
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How about looking for octave in the To: and CC: fields instead -- I should think any email client can do this, and it would not entail any changes to the list. The list works, why fix it ?


p.s. I use the above filter with 100% success, ant it catches all octave mailing lists

Hugo Coolens wrote:
I find this octave-list extremely usefull. May I suggest the
following as an improvement:
Wouldn't it be possible to have the word [Octave] always in the
subject-line, this would make it quite easy to select all your
octave-related messages at once.


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