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Weird error with gnuplot: 'invalid command'

From: Alexander Klink
Subject: Weird error with gnuplot: 'invalid command'
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 10:15:48 +0200
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when I try to plot something using gnuplot, I get the following

gnuplot> '/tmp/oct-kpni5m'  ""  lines 1  set grid ; set xlabel
"Matchingscore" set ylabel "Normierte Haeufigkeit" set title
"Haeufigkeitsverteilung Keine Brille, Kein Bart Algorithmus 7" set
nologscale ;set nopolar ; '/tmp/oct-mwSCLt'  ""  lines 1  set nologscale
;set nopolar ; '/tmp/oct-w19cMD'  ""  lines 2
                  line 0: invalid command

I tried to isolate the error and reproduce it, but no luck: when I
use only the relevant commands and put them in a seperate file,
octave run's just fine. The working version looks something like

grid on
xlabel('test x')
ylabel('test y')
gset term postscript color
gset output "/tmp/test.eps"
edges = 0:0.025:1
impostor = [ ... ]
genuine = [ ... ]
plot(edges, impostor, 'r')
hold on
plot(edges, genuine, 'g')
hold off

Anything I might have forgotten in code further up that influences
these commands to throw the error? Or any idea how to debug this
further? I tried setting the gnuplot_binary to something like 
'cat > /tmp/log', but that did nothing at all :-/
I'd appreciate your help.


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