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Re: Octave impression

From: Claudio Belotti
Subject: Re: Octave impression
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 10:31:07 +0200
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Hi all,
Debian community now has a science mailing list and a wiki dedicated to
science, I think this will be a good place to let scientists know the
real potentiality of Octave.


Andrey Romanenko wrote:
> Hello,
> The other day I was watching the video of a talk about the use of free 
> software (Debian in particular) in science and research given by Helen 
> Faulkner at the latest Debconf (
> Many (but not all) from the audience had the opinion that Octave is 
> significantly worse than 
> Matlab. Some mentioned certain features that are indeed not available in 
> Octave (such as Simulink), but others mentioned the lack of sparse matrix 
> engine, a feature that has been implemented in Octave for some time. This 
> shows that apparently there is a big gap between what Octave is now and what 
> people, besides the maintainers and very active users, think it is. Looks 
> like 
> Octave needs some positive "PR", especially in such areas as science, R&D and 
> education. It could enlarge the users base, which is important for a free 
> software project and maybe even net some funding for further development. 
> John's idea to have a workshop looks right in light of this. Stefan's talk is 
> another good example. What other ways to "promote" Octave could be effective? 
> Thanks!
> Andrey

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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