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Re: LaTeX codes in plot text (titles, labels, etc.)

From: asha g
Subject: Re: LaTeX codes in plot text (titles, labels, etc.)
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 16:47:35 -0800 (PST)

Could someone help me with the following:

I am writing up a paper and would like to include my
plots labelled in LaTeX . I am using kile for my
I tried the psfrag option but as I am currently using
Linux, it says it works only with Windows - is that
true? Or is there a Linux version too. 
I also read that simply saying \psfragscanon
immediately before each relevant \includegraphics shd
do the trick. But it did not for me. 

Please help and do explain in a simple way.
--- Peter Gustafson
<address@hidden> wrote:

> John W. Eaton wrote:
> > I think psfrag is a bit of a kluge.  If you are
> already using LaTeX
> > and gnuplot, then I think the epslatex terminal is
> a better solution.
> > You can convert the PostScript parts to PDF with
> epstopdf and then it
> > works with pdflatex too.
> I agree with you about psfrag.  Regarding epslatex,
> it is OK except that 
> the current stable version is feature poor, doesn't
> look great (IMHO), 
> and outputs in a way that doesn't offer a reasonable
> way of resizing the 
> plot after it is created. I'm sorry if this is too
> off topic, and I 
> should post my comments there... however I think it
> is important on this 
> list too since it is a compatibility issue, and many
> users would like 
> know what is and is not possible (or easy).
> The real reason I'm reposting on this topic is that
> your comment about 
> epslatex made me re-examine it as a gnuplot
> terminal.  In doing so I 
> found that the 4.2 series will have a much improved
> epslatex terminal.  
> It approaches the power of the postscript terminal
> in features, and more 
> importantly, has a "standalone" mode with creates a
> tex file (and eps 
> file) which can easily be compiled into a standalone
> pdf.  I've already 
> written an octave m-file which automates this to my
> tastes (anybody want 
> it?).  There are still a few issues but it looks
> like this will be much 
> easier as soon as gnuplot 4.2 arrives.  Adventurous
> users can try it now.
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