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Re: strmatch in 2.1.73 (windows-installer)

From: Michael Grossbach
Subject: Re: strmatch in 2.1.73 (windows-installer)
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 20:46:00 +0100
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Interestingly, after reinstalling Octave 2.1.73-1 on my w2k computer,
octave:1> strmatch('es','test')
ans = [](0x0)

After copying my .octaverc file back into octave_files (the $HOME folder for Octave under Windows) and a restart of Octave, I was kind of happy to see that at least not any of my settings caused the strange behaviour as the answer remained a grim

But still I wonder what would make strmatch behave so differently on Muthiah's XP and on my w2k computers?


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