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Re: Octave took over in Mac OS X

From: Louyclare
Subject: Re: Octave took over in Mac OS X
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008 20:38:50 -0800 (PST)

Hi Thomas,

When I double click the icon I get a Terminal window with Octave
running. When I double click the icon I get the exact same
thing, a Terminal window with Octave running.

I looked through the posts that you referred me to on:

The originator of that thread seemed to have exactly the same problem that I
am having. By the end of the thread, he still did not have a solution
though. One band-aid offered in a post that seems to help is typing the
following command at the Octave prompt:

system ("exec bash")

This takes me out of Octave and into a bash shell. Exiting this takes me
right back to Octave. So it appears that somehow Octave has somehow become
my default shell in

Interestingly, the same behavior does not occur with an X11 terminal window.
Launching an xterm takes me straight to a bash shell. From here I can type
the command:

exec '/Applications/'

then Octave launches. Exiting Octave takes me back to the bash command

I did find something that may be the ultimate source of the problem, but I
don't know how it is involved. That is the file:


This appears to be a #!/bin/sh script that in turn executes an applescript
that launches Octave. I don't know how or where this script file is called,
however. There is nothing in my .bashrc or .profile that sources anything


Thomas Treichl wrote:
> Louyclare schrieb:
>> I have installed Octave 3.0.0 on my Intel Mac OS 10.4.11. It seems to 
>> have configured itself to automatically run in the This 
>> behavior is fine with me, however, whenever I launch the to 
>> run a shell (e.g. bash or tcsh) it automatically launches in Octave. The 
>> first line in the Terminal is: imac-2006:~ louyclare$ exec 
>> '/Applications/' When I quit 
>> Octave, the window closes. Bringing up a new Terminal 
>> window simply re-launches Octave. This behavior is unaffected by the 
>> Terminal Preferences settings. The setting for "When creating a new 
>> Terminal window:" has two radio button options: 1) Execute the default 
>> login shell using /usr/bin/login and 2) Execute this comand (specify 
>> complete path): /I have /bin/bash in the area provided/. Does anybody 
>> know how I can run Octave in the and still launch 
>> in a shell?
> Hi Louyclare,
> This should be working per default. Normally, if you double-click
> icon then a opens and executes Octave inside (so Octave
> doesn't run 
> as a bash replacement but is executed from bash with the line exec 
> '/Applications/' - can you
> reproduce that?).
> If you double-click the icon then opens. There
> is some 
> setting on Macs where this may be overwritten but it is not overwritten
> from 
> Somebody already reported such a behaviour some time ago but I
> don't 
> know how it was fixed, maybe this helps for you
> If you find out more details then please let us know about it.
>    Thomas
> PS. My radio-button options settings of always is 1) Execute
> the 
> default login shell using /usr/bin/login
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