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Re: Plotting window (Jhandle) in 3.0 under Vista

From: Michael Goffioul
Subject: Re: Plotting window (Jhandle) in 3.0 under Vista
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 09:25:52 +0100

On 1/11/08, Puckja <address@hidden> wrote:
> When I plot a simple curve, the figure window initially shows up with the
> menu bar at the upper left corner of the screen, and then the "menu" bar is
> missing as the curve showed up.  There is a time delay in between which may
> be due to the slow processor/GPU.  The problem is that the figure window did
> not refresh right and behave strangely.
> If I moved the window to center, the "frame" will stay there, but the
> "content" will be showed up again at the upper left corner.
> If I try to zoom in with mouse click, the click location is registered
> higher (about 100 pixels), but it was zoomed correctly.
> Sometimes, the figure content will not show up (instead, the content at the
> background window shows up), but I can minimize/restore the figure window,
> and then the content will be displayed (again at the upper left corner of my
> screen).
> I did not experience this with my other XP machine (Java  This
> Vista machine is running Java  BTW, this machine is a so-called
> UMPC (Fujitsu U810), the processor is Intel A110 with Intel 945GM Express
> chipset.  I hope the hardware is not the limiting factor.

I'm afraid it is....
I don't have these problems and it looks like the combination of Java, OpenGL
and Vista is not working properly. The windows management as well as
the OpenGL context management is handled by Java/JOGL, so the
problem you have is probably out of the control of octave/JHandles.
The only advise I can give you is to make sure you're using the latest
version of all components:
- install Java-1.6
- check your drivers (by googling a little bit, I found this page

> Could someone show me how can I switch to gnuplot to test out the source of
> the problem?

Edit the file <octave>\share\octave\3.0.0\m\startup\__default_graphics__.m
and make it return "gnuplot" instead of "jhandles".

> BTW, the console window cannot be resized by dragging its corner, but it may
> not be related.

Under XP, you can change the console properties by clicking in the title
bar icon (upper-right corner) and choosing "Properties". The console
properties are not controlled by octave.


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