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Re: Gnuplot error in Octave

From: Niner
Subject: Re: Gnuplot error in Octave
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 15:27:22 -0800

Hi Thomas,

I install from the same package of Octave.dmg, which I download from Octave-Forge. I place these two app in the /Applications folder. Octave automatically finds gnuplot to plot, but I got error on gnuplot. I also made link to Octave and Gnuplot such that I can open them whenever I need in

The result of which gnuplot is
where is the link pointing to.

Thanks for your response.


On Jan 18, 2008, at 3:21 PM, Thomas Treichl wrote:

Niner schrieb:
I am a newbie to Octave. I use the binary files provided by Octave- Forge in my Mac OSX 10.5.1. I encountered a problem on plotting the graphics. When I tried to plot, the gnuplot was called and an error occur.
~[14:08] $ octave
octave-3.0.0:1> x=.1:.1:10;
octave-3.0.0:2> y=sin(x);
octave-3.0.0:3> plot(x,y)
gnuplot>set terminal aquax enhanced
line 0: unknown or ambiguous terminal type; type just 'set terminal' for a list
This error occurred when I used commands in I had installed Gnuplot 4.2.2 and AquaTerm 1.0.1. I think this error indicates that the "set terminal aquax" didn't work. I can plot figures under gnuplot by setting terminal to "aqua" when opening There is no "aquax" in the gnuplot terminal list. However, if I open a X11 xterm window, I can run the octave commands successfully and get the plot to show in a separate window. How come there is no "aquax" error under X11 xterm? If I want to stay with, what can I do to fix the problem?
Any comment is appreciated. Thanks a lot for help.
I am using MBP, Leopard, Octave 3.0.

Where does your gnuplot come from? I think that you did not install If you are unsure then please have a look what the result in is if you type

 which gnuplot


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