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Re: Build MSVC oct-files linked to pthread and fftw

From: Michael Goffioul
Subject: Re: Build MSVC oct-files linked to pthread and fftw
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 09:53:55 +0100

> It is a VC version of the pthread lib available at the link mentioned above
> -
> I'm not sure which version of VC the used though. I will try and copy the
> files
> as you suggested.

They seem to use MSVC6. It's linked directly against msvcrt.dll, while newer
compiler versions link against msvcr80.dll or msvcr90.dll. So you might have
run-time problems, but I'm not sure about this. Just try.

> I have another issue as well.  I use (the C99)
>     #include <complex.h>
> in some C-files that I call from the oct C++ files (it's in C since the code
> is shared
> with some C mex-files for Matlab). MSVC8 don't seem to support complex.h (I
> also tried
> MSVC 9.0 without success). Doesn't MSVC conform to iso C99 or am I missing
> some
> development libs for MSVC?

C99 extension is not supported by MSVC. You have to use the C++ complex
class instead.


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