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Octave's plotting much slower than matlab

From: Thomas Ilnseher
Subject: Octave's plotting much slower than matlab
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 13:43:31 +0100


I did the following:

f=fopen('scatter.txt', 'r');
[v c] = fscanf(f, '%d', [2, inf]);
scatter(v(1,:), v(2,:));

v will contain 300k points. This takes ' a few ' seconds in Matlab.
In Octave however, I did press control-C, and afterwards used:

scatter(v(1,1:2000), v(2,1:2000));

which still took longer than in matlab.

Bottomline: Matlab's plotting is faster by a factor of 100 !!!

Is it gnuplot that I need to blame, the octave scripts to do the
plotting, or the octave <-> gnuplot interface ?

I suspect it's some .m file, because doing:

octave:11> plot(v(1,:), v(2,:), 'og;hallo;');
octave:12> legend('off');

is actually _*FASTER*_ than matlab ...
Thomas Ilnseher <address@hidden>

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