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List of warnings in compilation of 089abf117499 changeset

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: List of warnings in compilation of 089abf117499 changeset
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 11:11:25 -0400

On 11-Mar-2009, José Luis García Pallero wrote:

| I've compiled the 089abf117499 changeset and I logged the warnings (43) in
| the attached file. Most of them are "use of old-style cast" and "comparison
| between signed and unsigned integer expressions" warnings. I suppose that
| fix it will be a trivial job.

No, because as far as I can tell, all of them come from using macros
that are defined in C headers.  But if you have some idea of how they
can be avoided without too much work, then post a patch to the
maintainers list.

| It would be nice if the flag -Wconversion was
| added to the default makefiles.


Please use the maintainers list for discussions about the development
of Octave.  This list is really for questions about using Octave.


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