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Re: Comfortable Octave usage on Windows

From: WMennerich
Subject: Re: Comfortable Octave usage on Windows
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 03:59:47 -0700 (PDT)

dbateman wrote:
> So we develop this feature for you with the "hope" of getting someone to
> pay for the next feature we add? And what is the argument for the next
> feature? --- "If you add feature X we promise we'll pay for feature Y"
> seems to be an argument that leaves the developer of feature X screwed....
> Octave has not been able to draw a significant level of funding even
> though the statistics show we have a few hundred thousand users, so I
> think its now we need to draw the line if there is ever to be a
> significant financing of the development of Octave. Funding the
> development of QtOctave seems a reasonable place to start if that is the
> feature you want, though OctaveDE seems to be more alive at this point.
> D.
I do not need an IDE/GUI, just spent some thoughts about that possibility to
increase the octave donations.
So you mean that an inreasement of users does not increase the probability
of getting donations for octave?
Maybe the other way around is better: The not existent feature X motivates
(after a discussion here) the new users to organize donations to realize
this feature (or to contribute some code).
In that case you have only the disadvantage that bigger features will have
it more difficult to find enough users as a group which can say: We are 100
users and would give100*Y $ (Y is the amount of each user to donate) to
realize the feature X.

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