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HDF File Attributes

From: Stewart Dickson
Subject: HDF File Attributes
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2010 09:43:26 -0600
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Hello, List,

I am comparing the MATLAB examples for parsing HDF files, posted at:[GESDISC%20Examples]
With what is apparently possible to do using Octave.

As I summarized yesterday, MATLAB has functions to parse the HDF5
file on disk, in excruciating detail, before actually reading the data fields
into memory;  While Octave apparently cannot.

Octave's load -hdf5  function reads the entire HDF file into memory,
parsing its data fields into structures.

I think that Octave's load -hdf5  function ignores ATTRIBUTES attached
to the data fields.   Is that correct?   Or is there a way to access HDF
data field attributes in Octave?



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