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Re: testing binaries octave-3.4.2 on MinGW

From: Tatsuro MATSUOKA
Subject: Re: testing binaries octave-3.4.2 on MinGW
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 08:32:53 +0900 (JST)


Thank you for your feed back.
I am very glad to hear that you can build java packages.

I will revise the Readme file considering your response and other people.
I added small description to build octave development source in ReadMe..
I will make more a detailed document to build octave from the development 
Perhaps it takes a little bit time to do it.

It will be nice more people commit the windows build of octave and feedback to 
octave ML and the octave-bug tracker.



--- On Wed, 2011/6/29, Philip Nienhuis wrote:

> Hi,
> Tatsuro MATSUOKA wrote:
> > Hello
> > 
> > 
> >>> (2) In the octave binary, pcre3.dll is missing (e.g., "help foo" 
> >>> complains about it).
> >>> Easily fixed by copying it over from 3.3.91 version or from one of the 
> >>> other zip files (gnuwin32).
> >>> 
> >>> (3) Installing packages doesn't work because gzip.exe cannot be found:
> >>> "'gzip' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
> >>> operable program or batch file."
> >>> But it IS in the path, in the .\shared\...\miscellaneous subdir, and I 
> >>> copied the exe in the \bin directory.
> > 
> >> Thank you for your pointed out. I will fix them.
> > 
> > I have corrected the package and uploaded in the web.
> > 
> > 
> >> 
> >> As to the development environment:
> >> ==================================
> >> (4) Do you have an outline of what files to put where, and what 
> >> environment settings we should set up?
> > 
> >> OK I will add the description my build command setting to ReadMe.
> >   I have add some  descriptions to Readme_octave-3.4.2.txt.
> > 
> > Thank you again  for your quick response.
> Some more:
> I repeated extracting, now at my home PC into 
> C:\Programs\Octave\3.4.2
> I put mingw... & msys.... under the 3.4.2 directory.
> Next I moved several directories from gnuwin32, gplib, msys..., mingw.... etc 
> into place in the \bin, \lib, \include, \msys\bin directories (I'll report 
> later what I did).
> After a few tries, I could compile the java-1.2.8.tar.gz package; it worked 
> flawlessly.
> Compiling the windows package didn't work - I hit these same error messages 
> years ago too, I think the package needs adaptation to 3.4.2.
> The line inserts in path command I reported don't occur anymore => fixed I 
> guess.
> Trying "help oct2xls" shows many "^M" symbols => I think the texinfo isn't 
> properly compiled for CRLF line endings.
> BTW octave-3.4.2 takes about 30 seconds to start on my 2.5 Ghz Core Duo, this 
> is fairly long compared to 3.2.4.
> The edit.m command (in .\miscellaneous) complains about unrecognized \P \O \3 
> sequences, apparently it incorrectly processes C:\Programs\Octave\3.4.2. I 
> used the octaverc from the 3.2.4 binary, that may need adaptation.
> And Benjamin used a trick to append or prepend the mingw\bin and msys\bin 
> directories to the windows path - but this doesn't work. I start Octave using 
> a batch file where I set these path entries first.
> Hopefully I have more time later this week.
> Nice work, Tatsuro! Thanks for this.
> Philip

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