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Data Acquisition with Octave [Was: Who uses Octave?]

From: Chipmuenk
Subject: Data Acquisition with Octave [Was: Who uses Octave?]
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 23:49:30 -0800 (PST)

Julien, Pablo, 

thanx for your inputs! 

Michael Goffioul wrote
>> I use  Octave in my  daily work to  communitate with several  NI devices
>> (GPIB card, DAQmx card) using  NI-VISA and NI-DAQmx libraries. I've been
>> running  my  code   on  Mac  OS  X,  Windows  and   now  Linux.   It  is
>> cross-platform, as  long as National Instruments  provides libraries for
>> your preferred  platform: no  problem on Windows,  almost no  problem on
>> Macintosh,  tricky  on Linux,  except  if  you  stick to  the  supported
>> distributions (I  had it  work with Scientific  Linux 6.1 but  failed on
>> Debian Squeeze).

That's good news - I plan to give an NI myDAQ (a low-cost, robust data
acquistion box, tailored for educational purposes) to each student for
in-classroom circuit design experiments. An Octave Interface for generation,
analysis and display of signals would be very welcome. Julien, may I contact
you for some additional details?

Juan, thanx for pointing me to the free drivers from
Unfortunately, it's Linux-only and we are mainly Windows-based.


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