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Re: function help

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: function help
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 13:56:56 -0500

On 25-Feb-2012, Doug Stewart wrote:

| I certainly agree, any body else have some thoughts?

The usual thing to do with a Texinfo manual is to have something like

  @node Matrix Manipulation
  @chapter Matrix Manipulation

  There are a number of functions available for checking to see if the
  elements of a matrix meet some condition, and for rearranging the
  elements of a matrix.  For example, Octave can easily tell you if all
  the elements of a matrix are finite, or are less than some specified
  value.  Octave can also rotate the elements, extract the upper- or
  lower-triangular parts, or sort the columns of a matrix.

  * Finding Elements and Checking Conditions::  
  * Rearranging Matrices::        
  * Special Utility Matrices::    
  * Famous Matrices::             
  @end menu

  @node Finding Elements and Checking Conditions
  @section Finding Elements and Checking Conditions


I'm not a big fan of the enumerated list, but I can see it working in
some cases.

The menu already provides the hyperlinks to the subsections.  The
difference with what Ben proposes is that the introductory material is
all together with the menu following.  I don't know how to express in
Texinfo what Ben proposes.

Instead, I think the manual just needs more introductory material at
the beginning of each chapter that has multiple sections (or each
section that has multiple subsections).  It could also use more
exposition apart from the function docstrings that are included


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