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Re: Can't save a plot

From: c.
Subject: Re: Can't save a plot
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 22:05:21 +0100

Dear Jorgen,

On 12 Nov 2012, at 20:06, Jorgen Sandberg wrote:

> Dear c.
> Those that will use the software. When the "free ware" is not developed to a 
> stage like commercial software many many potential users will not use it.

Why do you think we should care about how many of those people use or don't?
Actually, this discussion is sort of a FAQ, it occurs every now and then that 
some would be "customer" who is 
not familiar with the idea of Free Software tries to explain what Octave should 
do and what Octave should look 
like to gain more "customers".

If you search in the mailing list archives you'll find many of those 
discussions, that often end up with the 
"customer" stating that if Octave developers fail to follow the sacred 
principles of "Professional Quality 
Software", the project will soon die and vanish into oblivion.

This year Octave celebrates its 30th birthday.

> We have experienced trouble with installation. missing elements and setting 
> of parameters in files in Windows that we hesitate to touch. Please, remember 
> we the average PC users are not software developers who dig into all corners 
> of the Windows operating system. Our PC has to work every day, so we are very 
> reluctant to take any risk that may crash the operation of Windows.

> Personally I am ready to pay up to 100 US$ for good "free ware" software when 
> the commercial equivalent cost 500$ or more.

If you are willing to pay for some of the features you need in Octave to 
fullfill your needs, that is certainly a possibility.
If you make a clear description of the features/services you need we might be 
able to estimate exactly how much it would
cost to have a qualified developer to satisy your request.

> Regards,
> Jorgen


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