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Re: [Q:] How to use "xlswrite()" in Octave on Mac OS X Mavericks?

From: Philip Nienhuis
Subject: Re: [Q:] How to use "xlswrite()" in Octave on Mac OS X Mavericks?
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 08:14:23 -0700 (PDT)

Please answer BELOW the text - makes it easier to follow and to answer.
Read on:

TAISO, Renpoo wrote
> Thanks Philip,
> But it causes the error message like below. (after following your 
> instruction)
>> >> funcTest
>> Checking requested interface(s):
>> OCT*; (* = default interface)

That's good.

>> file /Users/renpoo/Projects/TheProj/Sounds/abc.xlsx couldn't be 
>> unpacked. Is it the proper file format?
> The code for xlswrite() is like this.
>> xlswrite( outputDataFileName, res, 'Sheet1', 'A1:XFD1048576', 'oct' ); 

A1:XFD1048576 is an enormous array......(1048576 rows X 16384 columns).
You can simply specify an empty string ('', two consecutive single or double

And I think you may not need to specify "oct", you can leave the last two
parameters altogether and it should just work.

> Is it necessary to install another package?

I don't think so.

The unpack error points to a different problem. 
Can you make an .xlsx file with Excel with some random data or so and try to
1. Read it with Octave, using xlsread
2. Add another sheet to it with xlswrite?


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