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Re: [Q:] How to use "xlswrite()" in Octave on Mac OS X Mavericks?

From: TAISO, Renpoo
Subject: Re: [Q:] How to use "xlswrite()" in Octave on Mac OS X Mavericks?
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2014 19:24:06 +0900
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Sorry, Mr. Philip,

But your suggestions worked fine besides my bug fix.


(8/30/14, 18:58), Philip Nienhuis wrote:
TAISO, Renpoo wrote
I got it!!
Thanks Philip!!!

There were
    1. Mistake in replacing string for the output filename.
    2. Implement errors in original codes.

But now, I can see the resulting data cells in Excel!
(Hmmm, my remark about top-posting didn't trickle down .... :-) )

Thanks for your feedback - on my side I'm pleased to know that the io
package seems to works fine on OSX as well.
(I have no Mac available for testing the io pkg, so I have to rely on
occasional info from OSX users)


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