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Re: Octave in the Jupyter notebook / Windows

From: pehache
Subject: Re: Octave in the Jupyter notebook / Windows
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2016 22:01:37 +0200
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Le 13/10/2016 à 21:34, Mike Miller a écrit :
On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 15:45:43 +0200, pehache wrote:
I'm saying that in case of any syntax error in an Octave command/statement,
the Octave kernel gets disconnected from the notebook and has to be
manually restarted, which also means that all the cells have to be
recomputed. In addition, the error message for the syntax error is not
shown in the notebook (since the kernel has disconnected).

So it is working, but in practice it is almost impossible to use : syntax
errors are frequently done when developping/prototyping (can be for
instance typing "plop" instead of "plot", or whatever), and a lot of time
is lost in Jupyter if each time one has to 1) guess where is the error (no
error message) 2) restart the kernel 3) recompute all the cells

Yeah that sounds like a pretty big problem with using Octave in Jupyter
on Windows.

This is apparently a know problem with Jupyter+Octave in Windows. But maybe
some people have a solution, hence my original post.

If the upstream issue you referred to is still open, then it's not
likely that you'll find a solution or workaround here.

There are few people here using or involved with Octave support for

OK. Actually, I regularly use the classical Octave, and I wanted to test Jupyter, because I like a lot the notebook principle (which originally comes from Mathematica ?). But I find the whole Jupyter environment extremely complex and difficult to setup/configure. I have low understanding of what's going on, the documentation is dispersed...

I can understand of course that such a product that merges 40+ different langages can not be simple anyway, that's the point.

If this problem affected me, I would want to know what Steven meant by
this comment, how Octave is different than say Python in this regard,
and what I could do to help test and fix it:

| this is a known limitation of working on Windows. Octave thinks it is
| connected as a pty, which is not supported on Windows, which ends up
| causing a forced disconnect of the session when there is a syntax error.

We have had no bug reports or feature requests related to this as far as
I know, so I don't know any details beyond what you know.

OK, will try to know more...

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