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Re: Octave: Sympy 0.7.6 installation steps.

From: Colin Macdonald
Subject: Re: Octave: Sympy 0.7.6 installation steps.
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2016 15:56:32 -0700
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On 03/11/16 14:10, Constantine Frangos wrote:
I ran the command octsympy_tests() and there were no unexpected
failures, while for the symbolic toolbox 2.1.0 there were 89
unexpected failures - see below.

Thanks for the feedback Constantine (and thanks Mike!). Those number sound about right: the symbolic package doesn't try to support future SymPy versions, so an old package with a new SymPy is likely to lead to trouble.

If you'd like to document your installation, there is a wiki available [1], which might help others as well.



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