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Is it possible to drag-n-drop data into Octave workspace?

From: Per
Subject: Is it possible to drag-n-drop data into Octave workspace?
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2017 02:16:10 -0800 (PST)

Excuse my ignorance but this is all very new to me. Octave 4.2.0 running on
Windows 8 (64-bit).A colleague of mine did some FFT calculations in Matlab.
I have the .m files and they run ok in Octave if I use some of his example
data that is in a .mat file.  I was peeking over his shoulder when he was
highlighting the data in an Excel spread sheet and just copied and pasted it
into the Matlab window and the data showed up in the “Workspace” in the
right format. I didn’t pay full attention to what he was doing in detail,
and honestly can’t remember. Is there any similar way that I can easily
import the data I need for my calculation from an open Excel spread sheet
into the Octave Workspace? Any drag-and-drop options?The data is in a real
simple format. A header line, and two columns of data, a few thousands of
rows long.Distance      Tension0        1,9280,005      1,9360,01               
1,944     I have seen some older comments on something similar with the need
of installing the io package as well as the windows package.I did run the
‘pkg list’ in the command window and I can see ‘io’ being listed. Do I still
need to install /enable it with ‘pkg install -forge -auto io’ ? Or is it
already installed/enabled when it shows up in my list?Do I also need ‘pkg 
install  -auto  windows-1.2.1.tar.gz’ ? As you can tell I’m pretty lost in
this world of install, enable, load etc.When the packages are in place, what
code you I need to enter to read my spread sheet data? xlsread? A detailed
example would be much appreciated for a lost soul. Please dumb it down and
help me into the magic world of Octave.

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