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Re: bottom posting

From: Mike Miller
Subject: Re: bottom posting
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2017 14:04:47 -0700
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On Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 14:23:13 -0400, Nicholas Jankowski wrote:
> The result:  expect all new users to toppost. expect all long time users to
> have to ask new users to bottom post. expect there to be many conversations
> with long repeat quotes. and expect there to be periodic musing
> conversations about top and bottom posting.

Perfect summation, thanks :)

People who have been doing mailing lists for years or decades tend to
bottom-post, cut and quote judiciously, minimize non-ASCII content, and
reply to the list, assuming everyone is subscribed.

We should be very tolerant of new users who aren't familiar with these
cultural norms, but encourage them to consider adopting them if they
hang around the community for more than one question or discussion.

I am personally done with admonishing people for not bottom-posting,
there are much bigger things to worry about.


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