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Re: Unit tests

From: Andrew Janke
Subject: Re: Unit tests
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2019 21:25:54 -0500
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Hi, Pavel,

On 2/18/19 1:53 AM, Pavel Hofman wrote:

Thanks for the very useful unit test feature of octave.

Is it possible to test an internal function of a script? E.g. the main function (named after the script) does something complex which is hard to test (storing/loading file) and the actual features to test are implemented in internal functions within the script. I have not found I way to run the internal function in the %!test section.
I don't think this is possible, because test code is executed in a global context; but local functions (which is what I think you're referring to here by "internal functions") are only visible from the context of other functions in that file; that is, in a stack frame workspace that is executing one of those functions.

The way I get around this is by sticking my "for internal use" implementation functions in a +myproject/+internal namespace. That way you can reference them from a global context (including test code), but it's clear that they're not part of the project's public API. And to avoid cluttering up that namespace with a bunch of .m files, I'll often make them static methods on a class in a single classdef .m file.

Is it possible to run all tests within a directory/subdirectories, IOW testing the whole project? I have tried:

test ./

I think you want runtests() instead of test() here. test() tests a single function or class; runtests() runs a suite of tests from one or more directories. There's also __run_test_suite__, which will execute Octave's own internal tests.


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