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Re: Pkg install struct - octave 5.1 from flatpak, mint 18/ubuntu

From: pavel
Subject: Re: Pkg install struct - octave 5.1 from flatpak, mint 18/ubuntu
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2019 23:07:12 +0100
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Dne 06. 03. 19 v 20:33 "Markus Mützel" napsal(a):
Am 06. März 2019 um 13:28 Uhr schrieb "Pavel Hofman":
Do you think the section "Compiling for your Linux system" will work
for octave 5.1? I would like to use the patched packages in octave-mxe
for the 5.1, instead of fighting each package individually.
I think that should be working.
Unfortunately I got stuck at the dreaded problem with libreadline. Several targets fail with error:

gawk: symbol lookup error: /home/pavel/mxe-octave-4c5a70572b2b/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: UP

There are several patches to libreadline in src, IMO some of them ifdef'd only for windows. But they seem ok with this respect. The actual build of readline 6.2 (download log, build log) seems perfectly OK.

Or you could try with the development versions of the respective packages.

The devel packages will very likely work, just compiling octave 5.1 first :-)

I wonder why linux octave 5.1 from flatpak did not use these
pre-compiled packages right away, perhaps they are not included in the
flatpak or must be "linked" somehow?
I am not a flatpak expert. But afaik all dependencies have to be part of the 
flatpak container. That might make Octave with all packages quite a large 

You are right. Octave from flatpak does not have e.g. units (for package miscellaneous), pg_config (for database) etc in the layer /app/octave/bin/. I am not sure it is possible to pkg install these packages on octave running in flatpak. I tried to include these missing requirements to the flatpak dir in /var/lib/flatpak/...., to no avail. I would prefer compiling octave from sources (MXE) without flatpak.

Thanks a lot for any suggestion with the readline problem. Apart of that I think the build will go OK.

Best regards,


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