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Re: Timestamping keys and keytabs.

From: Mats Erik Andersson
Subject: Re: Timestamping keys and keytabs.
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 19:21:06 +0200
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onsdag den  8 maj 2013 klockan 19:43 skrev Mats Erik Andersson detta:
> Hello there,
> The patch below implements a new field 'Timestamp'
> within the ASCII rendered key representation.
> The field uses Kerberos time and is optional
> in the sense that its absence indicates epoch
> time zero.

In lack of response, I have pushed said change,
as an analysis proved it to be harmless.

With an intended goal of arriving at full timestamping
of keys for better interoperability, my analysis leads
me to desire a change to the database format used by
shisa and libshisa.

It seems as if

  struct Shisa_key {
    time_t timestamp;

would create the needed flexibility.

Is this acceptable? Does it lead to library versioning
issues? Does it break backwards continuity?

Rest assured that I will not implement any change on this
matter before I get a blessing from the maintainer!

Best regards,
  Mats E A

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