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[Help-smalltalk] Incomplete set-up? + problem with autoconf replacement

From: Rudi Ludwig
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Incomplete set-up? + problem with autoconf replacement
Date: Fri, 04 May 2001 19:47:32 +0200


After compiling and installing GNU-Smalltalk, I could do the Tutorial
and it works fine.

Unfortunately when running eg the class browser from a directory
different than the one where I compiled --and still have installed--
the sources nothing happens.

address@hidden:~/software/oop$ gst  -qK blox/
GNU Smalltalk Ready

and that's all!

address@hidden:~/software/oop/smalltalk-1.95.4$ gst  -qK blox/
works fine.

$gst --version

Using default kernel path: /usr/local/share/gnu-smalltalk/kernel
Using default image path: /usr/local/share/gnu-smalltalk

pathes and the directories and files like 

I did the installation as described in the info-files, what is missing?
Or am I wrongly expacting a behaviour that just is not given?

In addition trying
address@hidden:~/software/oop/smalltalk-1.95.4$ gst -qK
GNU Smalltalk Ready

Undefined variable win referenced

Thanks in advance


Problem with autoconf replacement
With the replacement for autoconf that comes with the sources,
I had a problem. First it works, but when compiling I got a message
like: no rule to make target ....
After installing the autoconf package (from the Linux distribution)
the problem disappeared, thus I'm fine with that.

If you need the exact message to hunt the problem down, I can uninstall
autoconf, re-run configure and make (only that it takes a while on an
and supply you with the message; that'll be no problem.


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