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Re: [Help-smalltalk] Embeding GST in an application

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] Embeding GST in an application
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2001 14:36:14 +0200

> I've attached the code I'm playing with.  The `Simple' class is not
> defined when the REP loop comes up nor does it print anything.

Ok, thanks.

> > > - One must install callin.h in order to access stringToOOP(), etc. w/o
> > >   a VMProxy struct.  The include for gst.h has to be removed to get it
> > >   to work outside the tree...
> > Why couldn't you use the VMProxy?
> I didn't see the extern for `interpreterProxy' until just now, but
> that's defined in callin.h too.  I don't see how to get a VMProxy
> object just from gstpub.h (and if I have to include callin.h I might
> as well use the functions directly).

Right.  I will move the extern to gstpub.h.  The functions in
callin.h are a private interface (even if they are the same as
the VMProxy right now).

> Here's a backtrace I had before I recompiled everything (doing a '3
> printNl!'):
> #0  0x405da246 in fflush () from /lib/

Probably the CObjects which stdin/stdout/stderr contain are not
updated properly.  The next version completely dumps stdio in
favor of Smalltalk-buffered streams, so the problem should be

As soon as I do some finishing touches I'll publish 1.95.5 and
1.96.1, which will be about the same but 1.95.5 will not have
the GTK stuff and the incomplete network toolkit that are in
1.96.  The VM and kernel will be the same in both the stable
and the development version (with JIT).

Things missing for 2.0 are actually few: finish the network
toolkit and integrate WikiWorks; get the free XSL toolkit from
Cincom; port the JIT to the SPARC; and document everything
more thoroughly.

Can anybody on the list send me an XML fileout from VisualWorks
of the XSL toolkit?



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