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[Help-smalltalk] Small GST bug and reproducable '3 printNl!' segfault

From: David Forster
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Small GST bug and reproducable '3 printNl!' segfault
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 20:52:47 -0600
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I found that the `quietExecution' variable doesn't get set correctly
until topLeveLoop().  This causes execution statistics not to print
correctly for any code executed before then.  That is, they will never
print if an image file is generated, and will always print if an
existing image file is used (processFile() sets it to false).  This
seems to only be an issue for embeding GST...

To fix this I moved:

quietExecution = runQueitly || emacsProcess;

from the top of topLevelLoop() to the very end of parseArgs() and made
processFile() save&restore it.  I didn't see any other spots where
quietExecution is changed...

And, FWIW, the original issue I reported ('3 printNl!' segfaulting) is
caused by using an image generted by 'gst' in my own app or
vice-versa...and not by forgetting a NULL after msgSend()'s args like
I'd originally thought. ;)  I assume this will probably go away with
the new Smalltalk buffered streams coming...


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