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Re:[Help-smalltalk] gst, xlib and stix

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re:[Help-smalltalk] gst, xlib and stix
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 10:03:24 +0200

> I recently nosed around the "stix" from old versions of gst.  Is that
> still alive?  I tried to make it use the tcp of gst 1.96 but didn't
> get very far, no doubt due to lack of skill on my part.

The UnixStream class that "stix" used is in fact very similar to
FileDescriptor in GNU Smalltalk 1.95.5 (it first percolated to TCP
and then to the kernel, with 1.95.5); you can probably adapt
the module from old versions and pass the file descriptor
that it gets hold of to a FileDescriptor.

However, I don't see good reasons to write yet another GUI
and widget toolkit entirely in Smalltalk.  It is a huge work
and probably GNU Smalltalk is not fast enough yet (maybe
with the JIT...)  Though I cannot constrain you to a particular
project, if you want to contribute your work to the GNU
Smalltalk distribution I'd rather prefer you to work on the
GTK+ port of Blox -- in particular, I don't intend to provide
xlib bindings in the tarball without a corresponding port
of Blox to xlib.


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