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Re: R: [Help-smalltalk] Segfault of gst from 1.96.2 release

From: Rik Hemsley
Subject: Re: R: [Help-smalltalk] Segfault of gst from 1.96.2 release
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 17:09:32 +0000

#if Bonzini
> > #2  0x08073fa9 in systemDictionaryNewInstance () at dict.c:1442
> Well, indeed it does not proceed much.  This is perhaps the first or
> second call it does.  Please send a strace to unravel why the address
> in nilOOP (which is the same as on my machine, a 2.4.5 kernel)
> is not valid.

strace and ltrace attached.


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