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[Help-smalltalk] Student volunteer program at ESUG

From: Stephane Ducasse
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Student volunteer program at ESUG
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 18:14:46 +0200

Please distribute:

This year again ESUG is organizing a student volunteer program!

You are a student and you want to attend ESUG (the first European
Conference on Smalltalk)? ESUG has again a student volunteer program so you can get the conference for free ( Your duties will be low and you will have to help a bit the local organizers. ESUG will not pay the travel but the conference will be free and possibly the
hosting will be also free depending on the number of students.

But pay attention the places are limited and do not wait the last minute to
register. Student volunteers will be notified the 14 of July.

To register to the student volunteer program please send an email to address@hidden **and** address@hidden Please explain **clearly** your situation and your motivation (fill the template below)

For the other remember that the early registration is the 15 of July

Stef and Olivier

Email where you can **always be reached**:
Level in Curriculum:
Explanation why you need the help of ESUG:
Special information:

The European Smalltalk User Group invites you to the Smalltalk Joint Event

                         11th ESUG Smalltalk Conference &
                             ESUG Research Track
               Tuesday, August 25, - Friday, August 29, 2003
                            Camp Smalltalk
                        Saturday, August 23 - Sunday, August 24, 2001

                              Bled, Slovenia



For the 11th consecutive year, the European Smalltalk User Group
organizes a Smalltalk Conference to bring together Smalltalk users
from  both academia and industry in a friendly atmosphere.  As always
the  attendants will enjoy tutorials, workshops and demonstrations on
various Smalltalk related subjects. New this year is that the talks
are  scheduled primarily in the morning and that the afternoon focuses
on  concrete collaborations between participants and workshops.

Continuing a strong tradition in organizing Smalltalk events for
Smalltalk practitioners, this year promises to be very exiting. ESUG
organizes a Smalltalk Joint Event comprised of Camp Smalltalk,
Advanced  Seminars and a Research track:
          - An official (and free) Camp Smalltalk, starting the week-end
before and continuing the rest of the week.
          - The Advanced Seminars, where invited speakers and technical
presenters show concrete applications and research using Smalltalk.
          - ESUG Research Track: an academic research track with
top-of-the-line program committee. A separate call for paper was
issued  for this event, which is attached to this mail at the bottom.

All these exiting events will take place in the last week of August,
between the 23rd and 29th.

As always, we cannot make this work without contributions from the
actual Smalltalk practitioners.  Therefore we invite people to submit
proposals to present papers (both academic or industrial, technical
or  experience report), or to exhibit.  Together with invited speakers
and  Campers this promises to be another exciting Smalltalk event.


Prospective speakers must clearly explain the format they would like
to  use (tutorial, experience report, workshop or demo).  Each
proposal  must include a valid e-mail address and an abstract of
around 200  words.  All proposals have to be sent to Roel Wuyts
(address@hidden) AND Stephane Ducasse (address@hidden), in
plain ASCII pasted in the body of the e-mail (NOT attached).

Hot topics include, but are not limited to,
- web service applications using Smalltalk
- experience using eXtreme Programming
- distributed applications
- new Smalltalk implementations and optimizations
- Smalltalk Development Tools
- Language improvements or enhancements

Exhibitors or sponsors should directly contact the ESUG board for more
      information (address@hidden).


The Conference takes place in Bled, in Slovenia. Bled is a city in the
north west of Slovenia, under mountains. It is near the Austrian and
      the Italian border, with the beautiful Italian city of Venice only
three hours away.

More information about the city of Bled can be found in English at the
      following URL:

The conference will be held in hotel Golf
( This hotel has all
necessary facilities (internet and beamers) to support a successful
organization. Conference attendees have to book accommodation
themselves this year, either at this hotel or at other hotels in Bled.


                       Early (until july 15)      Late (after july 15)
Academic               220 EUR                    399 EUR

Industry               385 EUR                    499 EUR

deadline for proposals: April 11th (But we are always looking for excellent talks).
camera ready copy for slides of accepted speakers: July 7th

                       CALL FOR PAPERS

                                   ESUG Research Track
                       25-29 Aug 2003

                        Bled Slovenia

The European Smalltalk User Group is proud to announce that the 11th
Annual ESUG Conference will include a refereed academic track. A
strong  program committee has been selected and we expect the academic
track to  include high quality papers. Proceedings will be published.

The goal of the academic track is to have a forum for academic
publications related to research in Smalltalk and dynamically typed
languages. We encourage authors to submit excellent quality papers as
      we plan to produce proceedings.

A non exhaustive list of topics is
         - new languages features (mixins, AOP,...)
         - multi-agent systems
         - meta and reflective programming
         - code analysis (refactoring,...)
         - process development (Agile processes, Unit testing)
         - virtual machines (optimization, new trends)
         - integrated development environments (browsers, visualization,
         - frameworks (web, graphical...)
         - software evolution (metrics,...)

Program Chair:
         Stephane Ducasse (University of Berne)
         email: address@hidden

         Roel Wuyts (University of Berne)
         email: address@hidden

Program Committee:
- Prof. Andrew Black (Oregon Health and Science University, USA)
         - Dr. Noury  Bouraqadi (Ecole de Mines de Douai, France)
         - Prof. Serge Demeyer (Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium)
         - Prof. Theo D'Hondt (Universiteit Vrije Brussels, Belgium)
         - Prof. Stephane Ducasse (Universitaet Bern, Switzerland)
         - Prof. Ralph Johnson (University of Illinois, USA)
         - Eliot Miranda (Cincom, USA)
         - Joseph Pelrine (MetaProg, Switzerland)
         - Dave Simmons (Quasar, USA)
         - Dr. Serge Stinckwich (University of Caen, France)
         - Dave Thomas (Bedarra, USA-Canada)
         - Dr. Roel Wuyts (Universitaet Bern, Switzerland)

Important Dates:
         - Deadline: 15th of April 2003 (and not 15th of March as
originally  mentioned)
         - Notification of acceptance: 1st of June 2003
         - Final version: 1st of July 2003

Important Information:
- Best papers will be published in a special issue of the journal
of Computer Languages
         - Preferred format: PDF
         - Maximum paper length 15 pages

Information related to the ESUG Academic Track inside the ESUG
Conference Organization:
We plan to have the Academic track the first day of the Conference:
the  25 of August 2003.

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