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[Help-smalltalk] Re: Modules status

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Re: Modules status
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 14:55:01 +0100
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What are current status of base "frameworks"/"libraries" for
developing web apps or the recommended web-app "stack"?.

Right now there is a single web server package which is based on WikiWorks+STT (though some parts went through pretty heavy refactorings).

The most important things to port should be Seaside, AidaWeb, Swazoo, Magritte in no particular order. Each should be relatively easy, especially if they have a testsuite.

Implementing FastCGI probably would be a nice idea, but it's not necessary. It's also possible (and more secure) to use Apache as a proxy and run the GNU Smalltalk web server on a firewalled port. I did so when I ran a Smallwiki-based site at work (under VisualWorks).

Note that while I tried to torture GNU Smalltalk's GC quite a bit, and a lot of bugs surfaced during 3.0 development, there are probably some very rare bugs left. Unfortunately this kind of heisenbug is impossible to discover except if you're very (un)lucky. The failures reported by Jochen Schmitt and Benedikt Rosenau are probably in this camp. So I would use a database as a back end, and not the image. Glorp is ported to MySQL and works.

It would be great to have a mod_smalltalk Apache module, I'm a former
Perl developer, so text based development doesn't scare me, and DBI
like approach of DB connectivity for GST makes me feel at home again

Thank the author, Mike Anderson, for that!


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