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[Help-smalltalk] VisualGST

From: Gwenael Casaccio
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] VisualGST
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2011 10:01:20 +0100
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I would like to have your opinion about a possible change
on VisualGST UI, there is a guy (that is working on an IDE)
that send a nice comment: there are too much widgets on the screen.
That's true and this is something I've in mind for such
a time but yesterday I've hacked a bit VisualGST
and made a simple prototype (this is just a "new" widget):

or you can try the browserWidget branch on VisualGST git

Now I want to merge the transcript (should be replaced by
a kind of log tool), the workspace and the source widget. They are not exactly the same but share same functionalities the user can evaluate/inspect/debug but the major difference I want to introduce is the idea of "scope" inside a Namespace the source widget will work like a normal workspace inside a class too but inside a method. The idea of scoping could be reuse with the sender/implementor tools the searching could be scoped inside a namespace/class/...

I could reuse extra free space with a right pane that display meta information of the scope: namespace or package (package info, ...), history, bug report, changes, code critic, ...

Any comments suggestions are welcome ;-)


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